iPresso Education

iPresso Enterprise for modern education

Special edition of iPresso developed for educational services, consisting of relevant technology and industry-specific support.

iPresso Enterprise Education

For whom?

keyboard_arrow_right For universities, language schools, educational companies, modern educational institutions

keyboard_arrow_right For marketing teams

iPresso Enterprise Education

Results delivered by iPresso Enterprise

keyboard_arrow_right More effective recruitment process

keyboard_arrow_right Improved sales performance

keyboard_arrow_right Increased loyalty and commitment

iPresso Enterprise Education

Support of recruitment processes

keyboard_arrow_right Promotion of recruitment process

keyboard_arrow_right Lead generation and segment management

keyboard_arrow_right Personalized communication of relevant educational offer

keyboard_arrow_right Creation of candidates' interest profiles

keyboard_arrow_right Lead nurturing - building relationships with school brand

iPresso Enterprise Education

Communication with students and course participants

keyboard_arrow_right Contact database management

keyboard_arrow_right Reaction to person's interests

keyboard_arrow_right Educational brand always on - 24/7

iPresso Enterprise Education

Marketing data integrated in one place

keyboard_arrow_right Strong MarTech Stack available in iPresso and capability to integrate multiple apps and systems

keyboard_arrow_right Control over data and personal data security processes

keyboard_arrow_right Integration of data useful for marketing communication

keyboard_arrow_right iPresso's API providing unlimited integration capabilities

keyboard_arrow_right Flexibility in data structure building

keyboard_arrow_right Advanced segmentation

iPresso Enterprise Education

Support with understanding of specific needs of educational industry

keyboard_arrow_right Many years of experience in cooperation with educational industry

keyboard_arrow_right Team of professional consultants and experienced Marketing Automation specialists

keyboard_arrow_right Creation of Marketing Automation strategy, implementation of solutions, recommendations

keyboard_arrow_right Designing creations for Marketing Automation processes

keyboard_arrow_right US research

iPresso Enterprise Education

Communication after graduation

keyboard_arrow_right Creation of loyalty programs with the use od monetization mechanisms

keyboard_arrow_right Analysis of graduates' engagement

keyboard_arrow_right Member-get-member programs

iPresso Enterprise Education

Internal communication support

keyboard_arrow_right Automated and personalized communications sent to employees via email, sms, voice message, mobile and web push

keyboard_arrow_right Processes continuously running in line with appropriate learning cycles (start of semester, end of semester, reminders, etc.)

iPresso Enterprise Education

Communication with business environment

keyboard_arrow_right Management of marketing database of partner companies and institutions

keyboard_arrow_right Promotional and commercial messaging

keyboard_arrow_right Collection of leads for specific services and lead nurturing campaigns

iPresso Enterprise Education

Cooperation with partners

keyboard_arrow_right Preparing campaigns in one place together by marketing specialists and advertising agencies

keyboard_arrow_right Controlling campaign results with up-to-date KPIs

iPresso Enterprise Education

International communication

keyboard_arrow_right Capability to create Marketing Automation scenarios in various language versions

keyboard_arrow_right Time zone management

keyboard_arrow_right iPresso Global Enterprise edition for managing Marketing Automation processes on markets around the world

iPresso Enterprise Education

Support of communication with media

keyboard_arrow_right Sending personalized press releases

keyboard_arrow_right Measuring interest in specific pieces of information

keyboard_arrow_right Tracking journalists' interest in materials published online

iPresso Enterprise Education

Compliance with GDPR

Ready-to-use processes and tools for managing personal data in line with the requirements of GDPR

iPresso Enterprise Education


keyboard_arrow_right ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards implemented

keyboard_arrow_right Data stored in secure data centers

keyboard_arrow_right Encrypted connections

keyboard_arrow_right Separate installation of the system on client's own subdomain

keyboard_arrow_right High-level corporate security norms related to system accessibility

iPresso Enterprise Education

Partnership program for universities