Data Collector

Data collector allows to gather information on activities, update contacts' attributes, and add new contacts, just by using tracking code implemented on the website. By filling out a simple and intuitive form you can update your contact base on an ongoing basis.

Selecting data to be collected

Select events on websites that will be recorded by the collector. You can choose from among the following: clicking a specific element, changing content of a form field, saving a form, lapse of a particular period of time since entering the website.

Specifying whose data to collect

Ability to select contacts whose data is going to be collected. You can collect data of all contacts, only the anonymous ones, or only the tracked ones.

No need to engage IT or change website code

Ability to collect data without the need to engage your IT team. You just need to install the tracking code on the website.

Processing data "on the fly" - specifying what actions to perform

Specify what actions are going to be performed, e.g. record activity or action, update attributes, record a contact, record data in browser's memory, record web push token.