Professionals work with professional solutions.

Enterprise-class Marketing Automation.

First of all, our system is industry-customized. Gain a competitive advantage by harnessing the power of technology and competent support service.

Who is iPresso Enterprise for?

When thinking strategically about Marketing Automation, you expect great ideas, and technology that will always work and never break down. You know that you need a serious partner who understands your industry and will provide you with professional support services.

iPresso Enterprise has been chosen by local and international businesses. We support marketing teams operating on national and global markets.

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About iPresso Enterprise

  • Guaranteed development

  • Integrations

  • SLA

  • ISO

  • Big Data

  • AI & Machine Learning

  • Openness

  • Speed

  • Reliability

  • Security

  • Workflow Management

  • Global Enterprise Edition

Guaranteed development

Continuing development of the system with new features, solutions, tools, integrations.


Ready-to-use integrations that can be launched within a few minutes, and integrations dedicated to clients’ specific needs.


Guaranteed high quality of provided services including system availability and support, as well as security procedures.


Implemented and updated security management standards (ISO 27001), and quality management standards (ISO 9001).

Big Data

Large scale data processing ability provided by the Enterprise solution.

AI & Machine Learning

Elements of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence leveraged to ensure most accurate and reliable results.


The platform is open to the possibility of developing one’s own unique solutions based on iPresso’s features.


Huge amounts of data are processed rapidly, and the tools are working instantly in order to successfully trigger real-time personalized communications.


Reliability attested by major brands, and put to test in various industries.


High level of security on many levels, and advanced access control procedures. All in line with the GDPR.

Workflow Management

Authorisation management to control the access to specific parts of the system on the basis of various team roles, provide access to specific parts of contact base and authorisation to run various operations after obtaining approval.

Global Enterprise Edition

Global versions available to businesses operating in markets around the world, both for the local and the centralized marketing teams.