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"We are enthusiastic about technologies facilitating communication, databases and puzzles. We like challenges and enjoy what we are doing."

- iPresso Team

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We believe that since we spend a third of our adult lives at work, we've got enough time to do something really significant. And that's the way we think of our Clients, too. Our aim is to provide them with solutions that allow them to spend their 30% of life more pleasantly and to focus on what's important.

iPresso Team consists of… one team. That’s because we are a well-coordinated group of people. We have worked together for many years and the roots of our collaboration and our first projects go back to 2007, when Encja was launched for the very first time.

iPresso is the apple of our eye and our most important project so far.

Our Competencies

keyboard_arrow_right Analyses: business analyses for IT technologies, analysis and implementation of projects in accordance with the requirements of the EU programs, system analysis, analysis of users' behavior, eyetracking.

keyboard_arrow_right Design: IA (Information Architecture), UX (User eXperience), coordination of graphic design, preparation of formats for production (html, css, graphic formats), format tests on users, designing system architecture.

keyboard_arrow_right Development in the following technologies: PHP (OOP), Java, JS, Flex, ActionScript, HTML, CSS, Python, C++/C#.

keyboard_arrow_right Operational systems and servers: Linux, Unix, Windows, Windows Server, FMS, Red5.

keyboard_arrow_right Databases: MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Hadoope, Elastic Search.

keyboard_arrow_right Telecommunication technologies: VoIP, telephone exchanges, text messages, LAN, VPN, Geolocation, GIS, Android, Bluetooth.

keyboard_arrow_right Integrations: data warehouses, external systems - centralized and dispersed, business software (HR, accounting), import and export of data in popular formats.

keyboard_arrow_right Production methodology: Production management - encja.SCRUM - our original e-business projects methodology based on the most effective production methodologies of Agile - SCRUM, KANBAN and the best eXtreme Programming practices.

keyboard_arrow_right Project Management: PMI, PRINCES2, IPMA, PMP confirmed with employess' certificates.


Michał Wojciechowski

CEO & Co-founder

Mariusz Paradowski

CTO & Co-founder

Karolina Sypuła

COO & Co-founder

Contact information

phone number: +48 32 720 95 81

fax: +48 32 720 95 82



Registration data S.A.

KRS: 0000421253

NIP: 634 - 267 - 80 - 33

REGON: 240896140

40-514 Katowice, ul. Ceglana 4