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Marketing Automation in Travel

If you're looking for professional Marketing Automation for Travel & Hospitality - you’re in a good place!

iPresso Travel has been chosen by leading businesses:

iPresso Enterprise Travel

For whom?

keyboard_arrow_right Airlines

keyboard_arrow_right Travel agencies

keyboard_arrow_right Ticket brokers

keyboard_arrow_right Travel marketplace

keyboard_arrow_right Booking systems

keyboard_arrow_right Hotels

keyboard_arrow_right Integrated booking systems

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Main benefits from using iPresso Travel

keyboard_arrow_right Increased number of bookings

keyboard_arrow_right Decreased booking abandonments

keyboard_arrow_right Higher frequency of bookings

keyboard_arrow_right Larger database of contacts, leads, and customers

keyboard_arrow_right Wide range of data on users' needs and activities

keyboard_arrow_right Better quality of service and reaction time

keyboard_arrow_right Building of long-term strong relationships with customers

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Main capabilities of iPresso Travel

Complete integration of search and booking processes with personalized communication:

keyboard_arrow_right Customer Journey integrated in one place

keyboard_arrow_right Communication channels integration

keyboard_arrow_right Data integration for the needs of marketing communication

keyboard_arrow_right Integration with booking platforms and external data

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Build customer loyalty. Sell wisely and sell more.

In iPresso you have at your disposal a set of tools for cross-selling, up-selling, repetitive purchases, returns and customer education.

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Communication with anonymous users

keyboard_arrow_right Website contents customization

keyboard_arrow_right Special formats and creations for particular segments and users

keyboard_arrow_right Personalized web push contents

keyboard_arrow_right Real-time analysis of behavior sequences

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Efficiency and scalability

keyboard_arrow_right Management of large traffic on websites and mobile devices

keyboard_arrow_right Reacting to millions of unique activities performed by unique users every day with the use of real or close to real-time personalization

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Real-time reactions to users’ needs

keyboard_arrow_right Pop-ups, notifications, bars, banners, and much more

keyboard_arrow_right Content personalization in reaction to identified behaviours of particular users

keyboard_arrow_right Triggering scenarios tailored to specific user with the use of multiple communication channels

keyboard_arrow_right Reacting to external data, e.g. weather forecasts

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Identification of abandoned processes and recovery scenarios

keyboard_arrow_right Recovery of abandoned searches

keyboard_arrow_right Recovery of abandoned bookings

keyboard_arrow_right Identification of abandoned user intentions on the basis of specific behavior sequences

iPresso Enterprise Travel

iPresso Studio with tailored communications

Our team will prepare a set of communication templates in many forms to be used in marketing automation scenario design

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Industry-specific support

keyboard_arrow_right Team of consultants who understand the travel industry, booking processes, data complexities, user and customer characteristics

keyboard_arrow_right Experience in working with biggest brands and businesses in Travel & Hospitality

keyboard_arrow_right Successfully implemented Marketing Automation strategy for large international brands

keyboard_arrow_right UX support in designing Customer Journey and eye tracking testing

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Compliance with GDPR

Ready-to-use processes and tools for managing personal data in line with the requirements of GDPR

iPresso Enterprise Travel


keyboard_arrow_right ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards implemented

keyboard_arrow_right Data stored in secure data centers

keyboard_arrow_right Encrypted connections

keyboard_arrow_right Separate installation of the system on client’s own subdomain

keyboard_arrow_right High-level corporate security norms related to system accessibility

iPresso Enterprise Travel

International communication

keyboard_arrow_right Capability to create Marketing Automation scenarios in various language versions

keyboard_arrow_right Time zones management

keyboard_arrow_right iPresso Global Enterprise edition for managing Marketing Automation processes on markets around the world

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Cooperation with partners

keyboard_arrow_right Preparing campaigns in one place together by marketing specialists and advertising agencies

keyboard_arrow_right Controlling campaign results with up-to-date KPIs

keyboard_arrow_right Advanced rights management giving more control over the process of creating and running campaigns

iPresso Enterprise Travel

Integration with 3rd party data and platforms

keyboard_arrow_right Integration with DMP and DSP platforms and displaying personalized ads to database contacts

keyboard_arrow_right Integration with Facebook Audience, Leads and Messenger

keyboard_arrow_right Integration with analytic tools and BI