Detailed Specification
Contacts management
Intuitive and innovative Contact Manager
The three-panel view enables you to see all the facets of a contact at once. It provides you with quick access to the essential data.
Contacts monitoring
Tracking contacts who visit your websites and their activities in integrated apps.
Anonymous contacts monitoring
Monitoring contacts who are not included in the database yet.
Contact history timeline
History of contacts displayed as a timeline.
Integrate with your CRM
iPresso may be integrated with leading CRM systems (e.g. Salesforce, Base, SugarCRM - learn more). This allows data to be automatically shared between those systems.
...or use bulid-in CRM functionality
You are able to build CRM features based on iPresso, which is an open system and which allows the addition of your own attributes to characterise your contacts. It also allows for the addition of notes by users of the system and the integration with users' business email accounts enabling you to conduct email correspondence with your contacts via iPresso.
Automatic adding contacts from forms
Data from every form created in iPresso is automatically saved in the system, new contacts are added and their data updated.
Manual Adding
Of course, there's always the option of adding and updating contact data manually.
Contacts’ Relationships
This is a unique feature of iPresso: the ability to define relationships among contacts, such as parents - children, employee - company, car - owner - car service - dealer etc. This feature gives you incredible opportunities to design customers' journeys, create tailored communication, prepare offers and increase sales.
Data import
Importing data from files using import wizard.
API import
Automatic import of data via API iPresso.
Custom fields/attributes
Addition of user-defined custom fields.
Custom types of contacts
Creation of various custom types of contacts possessing such fields (traits, attributes) as e.g. company, person, client, employee, partner, device, institution etc.
Categories i subcategories
Creation of any number of categories and subcategories. Naming categories and marking them with colours for easier recognition of contacts in the system. Setting up access to specific categories for distinctive iPresso's users.
Tagging contacts in any chosen manner. Tag glossary and tag hierarchy generator.
Individual correspondence
System's integration with user's email accounts allows you to conduct email correspondence with your contacts via iPresso and to plot it on a timeline.
Search contact database by any data field.
Mass actions
Mass actions updating chosen/found groups of contacts, e.g. changing categories, tagging.
360 degrees contact view
Comprehensive 360 degree contact view with information on attributes, history of activities and actions, scoring, loyalty points and much other data, all of it displayed on a single, intuitive screen.
Contacts’ Data integration
Integration of contacts' data acquired from various sources, such as Facebook, Twitter, CRM systems, etc.
Behavioral scoring
Setting up behavioral scoring. Awarding points for a given behavior of a contact, e.g. their visit on a monitored website, time spent on a website, clicked links, logging in to a store etc. Ability to create many different scoring plans depending e.g. on a given Marketing Automation scenario.
Demografic scoring
Setting up demographic scoring. Awarding points for given traits, such as city, job position, status, category, etc. Ability to create many different scoring plans, e.g. assigning one scoring plan to a chosen set of traits.
Total scoring
Total behavioral and demographic scoring.
Multiple scoring plans
Many scoring plans carried out simultaneously.
Loyalty points
Awarding points, e.g. forspecified activities of contacts. Points may be added in many different loyalty programs which may be run simultaneously for various groups of contacts.
Contact deduplication runs automatically when repeating data is detected, e.g. when email, first name and surname are the same. Contacts bearing strong resemblance to each other and possible duplicates are automatically identified by the system.
Marketing Automation Design and Execution Built-in iPresso Studio.
Drag&Drop visual editor
Customer Journey, personalized scenarios. Multifaceted, multichannel algorithms/rules with many branchings, endings and conditions that don't require using any code or complex forms. Marketers can prepare campaign scenarios and customer journeys on their own. Just design, set up and launch it.
Tools allowing e.g. to send emails, text messages and notifications, as well as to categorise and add tags. There are a lot more of them in one place, i.e. drag&drop toolbox.
Logical conditions determining clients' paths based on their behavior and traits. You can e.g. shape communication depending on a link clicked by a recipient of a given email. There is a wide choice of various conditions available in drag&drop toolbox, which may be configured according to one's needs (Enterprise edition).
Custom activities
Custom actions
Real-time scenarios monitoring
Real-time monitoring of the running scenarios where you can see how many contacts there are on particular stages.
Own templates
Creation of one's own Marketing Automation scenarios to be used multiple times.
Templates library
Library of templates, which are ready to be configured and used.
Work on scenarios may be divided, you don't have to do everything at once. When you come up with an idea, you can just save it as a draft so that you, or someone else, may polish the algorithm up later.
You are not going to lose any of your work or ideas you spent so much time on, even if you lose your internet connection or close your browser by mistake. Autosave is there for you to automatically save your drafts.
Segementation editor
Choosing contact database segments on the basis of logical conditions (and/or), datasets and subsets. Virtually all kinds of contact information may be used to select a segment. Segments may be marked by tags and categories. Criteria of segmentation may also be saved and used in other actions in the system (e.g. reporting, campaigns' targeting). Basic segmentation editor is an intuitive, easy to use, dynamic form.
Drag&Drop visual segments designer
For those who prefer visual presentation of data, iPresso offers a Drag&Drop visual segments designer. Here you can select segments from contact database to arrange them in a scheme of fields and arrows, thanks to which you get a "bird's eye view" at the logic of selected groups.
Segmentation editors estimate number of records in a group that meets specific criteria.
Tagging contacts in segments and using tags as criteria in other segments.
Categories and subcategories
Creating custom categories and subcategories for chosen segments. Contacts may belong to numerous categories.
Segments based on behaviour, atributes, any activities and actions
Segmantation may involve a whole range of actions accessible in the system and individually define traits, contacts' activities, actions made in relation to contacts.
Communication Channels
Sending personalized transactional and marketing emails.
Sending text messages personalized with regard to its contents and sending time.
Voice message
Sending voice messages in the form of calls to selected phone numbers. Messages may be played as .wav sound files or read out by a speech synthetizer.
Website content
Displaying personalized website messages and whole parts of a website in the form of text or graphic (html).
Dynamic website content
Dynamic website content generation (in the real time) based on website users' behavior. This applies both to the recognized contacts from the database and to those anonymous.
Integration of contacts with their Twitter accounts. Posting tweets through iPresso with predefined time of publication. Retrieving statistics from integrated Twitter accounts.
Publishing posts with predefined time and browsing posts, comments and statistics of multiple integrated FB profiles.
Posting presentations and conducting lead generation campaigns. Retrieving statistics of presentations.
Posting videos on integrated YT channels and retrieving basic statistics.
Mobile apps
Upon integration of an app via iPresso API it is possible to trigger actions defined in the app and display Push notifications.
Wi-Fi hot spots
Collection of contacts through their registration in hotspots integrated with iPresso and sending them messages as a result of e.g. their logging-in to the network.
Creation of contacts which are devices and communication with BLE (Bluetooth 4.0) devices. Integration with beacons via iPresso API. Communication through numerous channels following specific activity connected with device or a device's activity.
e-mail campaignes
Drag&Drop editor
Intuitive Drag&Drop editor with ready-to-use predefined modules (e.g. text colums, image fields, buttons etc.), which may be easily and quickly set up by a user. Emails designed in the editor are responsive and ready to be sent and maintain all the necessary standards.
WYSIWYG editor
Popular content editor. It is similar to text editor where emails may be created in a fashion resembling the one in an email application. Obviously, it is enriched with features unique to iPresso, such as content personalization.
HTML editor
For more advanced users who create emails in plain HTML code, there's an intuitive code editor with automatic live view of results, colored markers and automatic syntax verifier.
ZIP packages with project import
Advanced users who create emails via external tools and graphics packages may import finished emails along with html code, images and styles in the form of a project saved as a .zip file. It's enough to drag the file to iPresso and the system itself will convert it into a ready to use email.
Templates library
In iPresso Studio there is a library of ready to use templates which may be used in creation of one's own e-mails. Some templates are designed to fit various occasions (e.g. Mother's Day), others have complete content layouts.
Own templates
Ability to create user's own templates. It's useful especially in a situation when your team works together and have their own standards, as well as when you just need to speed up the creation of the next emails based on the best patterns.
Content personalization
Email's subject line and content may include personalized elements, such as e.g. recipient's first name. An email may also contain whole segments of content in the form of descriptions, names, various attributes of e.g. products.
Own domain
Ability to connect iPresso to user's own sending domain, thanks to which emails sent via the system will have an address corresponding to company's domain.
Dedicated IP
Dedicated IP address for sendings guarantees stronger email reputation with mail transfer agents, higher deliverability and better control.
Complex reports on deliveries, open rates, CTRs, opening hours, percentile conversion, individual reviews, aggregated conversion and combined reports on numerous campaigns.
Automatic opt-in and opt-out
Management of opt-ins with consents (e.g. marketing consent) and opt-outs from specific communication opt-outs.
Custom opt-out pages
Create your own opt-out pages.
Multiscenario A/B/X tests
Multiscenario, multifaceted A/B/X tests to examine, e.g. subject lines, senders, contents, clicks and conversion of a given action.
Responsive design
Emails designed in Drag&Drop editor and based on the templates are responsive and ensure availability and readability on mobile devices.
e-mail previews
Automatic preview of contents being created in the most popular resolutions and on deskop, tablet and smartphone devices.
Limiting communication frequency
Setting communication limits for specific groups of contacts - potential recipients of e.g. marketing campaign emails.You may define maximum allowable number of sendings to chosen addressees, e.g. not more often than X times per month.
Hard bounces
Mechanisms of verification of the e-mail addresses to which e-mails are not being delivered. Marking contacts with incorrect addresses. Exclusion of incorrect addresses from subsequent sendings after re-examination.
High deliverability of sendings thanks to advanced infrastructure and selection of leading, renowned partners. Possible support from experts analysing levels of email deliverablity and recommendations for increased deliverability.
Advanced Targeting
Demographic targeting based on contact attributes and behavioral targeting. Ability to choose specific contact segments on the basis of numerous criteria and logical conditions.
Up to 150 000 personalized emails per hour within one campaign. Ability to simultaneously conduct tens of campaigns targeted to different groups. Management of multimillion email sendings.
One-time campaigns
Sending one-time campaigns based on designated criteria.
Emails in Marketing Automation scenarios
Creation of ready email templates to be used in Marketing Automation scenarios. They may be designed before the scenario is build or during its creation. You can do it at the most convenient moment.
Real Time Marketing
Multichannel communication triggered in real or near-real time (depending on the channel)
Messages may be triggered in many different forms on websites (e.g. top-layer, box. pop-up), via e-mails, SMSes or push notifications to mobile apps.
Creation wizard (eg. top-layers) in iPresso Studio
Comprehensive wizard providing creation of such elements as pop-ups. It allows for HTML edition and setting up look, size, distance, display time and carrying out display tests on selected websites.
Creation of one's own dynamically adjusted website contents
Ability to insert and change website elements thanks to the use of JavaScript.
Messages triggered in reaction to website visitor's behaviors (in the form of, e.g. pop-ups and top-layers)
Specifying one's own progressions of behavior (e.g. viewing given webpages) in response to which automatic actions will be performed.
Messages triggered for anonymous visitors
Website messages may be displayed on the basis of the behaviors of anonymous users, who are not included in contact database.
Messages triggered for database contacts
For the identified contacts, personalized messages based on contacts' attributes may be triggered.
Real-time reaction to the behaviors of monitored contacts based on their attributes
Ability to make use of attributes (such as sex, category, tags, address) to specify the citeria on which the displayed message will depend.
RTM activities integrated with KPI reports
Designing KPI based on the data on activities performed by contacts as a result of RTM communication.
iPresso Satellite
Collection of parameters from external sources
Selection of data sources on the basis of which the system is going to react. These sources are available as ready-to-use integrations of iPresso. It is also possible to integrate and employ one's own parameters.
Addition of internal parameters
Ability to add parameters based on data calculations conducted in the system.
Integration of data sources for parameters
Ready-to-use data sources (e.g. weather forecast providers).
Triggering of Marketing Automation scenarios
Automatically triggered Marketing Automation scenarios based on fulfilled criteria: parameters from external and internal sources.
Triggering of RTM actions
Automatically triggered Real Time Marketing actions, e.g. notifications on websites displayed when specific criteria, i.e. parameters from external and internal sources, are met.
Transfer of system's parameters and data sources
Parameters selected on the basis of data calculations available in the system, e.g. particular segment count.
Determination of critera with the use of parameters
Actions and scenarios triggered on the basis of additional criteria, other than conditional parameters.
Reporting and analytics
Configurable demographic dashboards
Individually configured dashboards with data based on traits.
Customizable Pipeline reports
Setting up customized segment-based pipelines, which are displayed graphically and contain data on changes over time
Configurable KPI dashboards
In iPresso you may create unique KPIs based on data gathered in iPresso (system's own data and data from integrated systems such as Google Analytics, CRM etc.), which may be measured in selected periods of time. iPresso automatically generates reports using graphic elements in order to make the view of a situation clear and quickly accessible. It is possible to create many reports and grant access to them for selected users.
Custom, branded Management Dashboard
Creation of custom management dashboards configured for a specific brand.
Google Analytics data integration
Transfering data from an integrated Google Analytics account to iPresso. It allows to use GA data in iPresso's reports to create one's own, unique KPIs.
360 Contact View
360 degree view, i.e. view of a contact's crucial demographic and behavioral information.
Calendar of events
Activities Analysis
Activities Analysis
Actions Analysis
Actions Analysis
Marketing Automation Funnels Reports
Marketing Automation Funnels Reports
e-mail campaignes reports
Comprehensive email campaign reports
SMS campaignes reports
SMS campaigns reports
Links reporting
Links reporting
Page views
Page views, divided into anonymous and recognized contacts
Data export
Report data may be exported in many formats, such as csv/excel, PDF, png.
Social media reports
Social media reports
Buzz - media monitoring reports
Buzz - media monitoring reports
Forms editor
Drag&Drop Editor
Forms creation with an easy-to-use Drag&Drop editor
Contact recognition
Recognition of monitored contacts who had already filled out a form
Thank-you page
Designing custom information to be shown after a form is filled out and reloaded.
Progressive forms
Displaying those fields which hadn't been filled out yet and which complement contact's data. Not displaying those which had already been filled out by the recognized contact.
Automatic integration with websites
It is enough to paste a piece of code into the place where the form is to be displayed. That's all, everything else is done by iPresso.
Automatic addition of contacts
When a website visitor fills out a form created in iPresso, a new contact is automatically added to the database or existing contact's data is updated.
Creation of cutom fields
Description fields, checkboxes and other ready-to-use elements may be created individually.
Addition of own CSS styles
You can style your form the way you like it, including the look of fields, labels, descriptions, spaces and the whole layout.
Data Collector
Selecting data to be collected
Select events on websites that will be recorded by the collector. You can choose from among the following: clicking a specific element, changing content of a form field, saving a form, lapse of a particular period of time since entering the website.
Specifying whose data to collect
Ability to select contacts whose data is going to be collected. You can collect data of all contacts, only the anonymous ones, or only the tracked ones.
No need to engage IT or change website code
Ability to collect data without the need to engage your IT team. You just need to install the tracking code on the website.
Processing data "on the fly" - specifying what actions to perform
Specify what actions are going to be performed, e.g. record activity or action, update attributes, record a contact, record data in browser's memory, record web push token.
GDPR Manager
Ability to add and edit many consents for various purposes
Management of multiple consents for various purposes. Operation in multiple languages, on many levels, and with respect to interdependencies among them.
Conformity with the GDPR
Processes that ensure the implementation of procedures required by the General Data Protection Regulation.
Unsubscription statistics
Ability to record and view data on consent opt-ins and opt-outs.
Consent modifications timeline
Ability to access information on who, when, and in what way modified consent contents (e.g. content of the permission for data processing clause displayed next to a contact form).
One's own profile pages
Creation of pages for end-users containing information on the scope of data processing and users' rights to modify and delete their data.
One's own unsubscribe pages
Designing one's own unsubscription page templates.
Automated process of assigning and withdrawing consents
Process of consent withdrawal is recorded in relation to each contact in the database, along with information on consent contents and its assignment and withdrawal dates.
All actions related to consents recorded on contact timeline in the database
Placing pieces of consent information on contact timelines.
Integration with iPresso forms
Automatic addition of consent recording mechanisms to forms designed in iPresso
Loyalty programs
Loyalty points
You can run loyalty programs in iPresso and award points to users.
Many programmes
Creation and simultaneous running of many loyalty programmes.
Points based on behaviors and attributes
Awarding points for customly defined contacts' activities, inculding those taking place via integrated systems and apps (e.g. payment apps).
Couponing module
Comprehensive couponing module to manage loyalty programs with generation of unique codes, integration with e-stores, generation of printouts, website for end clients, management of templates and many more features that enrich loyalty programs and boost their effectiveness.
Landing Pages
WYSWIG editor
Visual editor to create websites.
HTML code edition
HTML edition.
Automatic coding
Automatic addition of tracking codes and leads' following.
Hosting on one's own domain
Host pages on your specified URL.
Own CSS files
Use of custom style sheets.
Embedding forms
Embedding forms created in iPresso.
Online surveys
Online surveys editor
Intuitive survey creator where you can design your own online survey without the necessity of using code.
Anonymous surveys
Capability to conduct survays without the necessity of registration and identification.
Reports on answers
Reports on answers to particular questions. Capability to view particular respondents' answers in the case of non-anonymous surveys.
Many types of fields for questions and answers
Capability to use e.g. single-choice, multiple-choice or open-ended questions.
Customized look
Possibility of setting customized headers (which may contain graphics) and introductory descriptions.
Conductiong many surveys simultaneously for numerous target groups
It is possible to launch and conduct numerous surveys simultaneously.
Buzz monitoring
Internet monitoring
Tracking specific keywords on the Internet.
Twitter monitoring
Tracking specific keywords on Twitter.
Automatic screenshots
Automatic screenshots of websites on which monitored keywords appeared.
Automatic indication of tone
Automatic indication of statements' tone (positive, negative, neutral) based on previous indications provided by users.
ISO 9001
Implementation of certification for quality management standards. The latest certification of ISO 9001:2008.
ISO 27001
Implementation of certification for information security management standards. The latest certification of ISO 27001:2008.
SSL 2.0
Encrypted communication. All connections to iPresso are encrypted with SSL 2.0 protocol.
Secured Payments
Payments protected against dangerous connections and processed securely by payment systems.
Data backups of iPresso's clients.
Audit Logs
Audit logs of users' and system's activities.
Management of permissions to access the system along with specific authorizations to its particular features and modules.
API Autentication
Safe iPresso API authentication with renewable tokens and safe encrypted connection.
Service and Support Access
Service access as a part of client support conducted by an authorized employee of iPresso's support team.
Guaranteed service-level agreement
Dedicated IPs
Dedicated IPs for sendings.
Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery Procedures
Work flow management
Workflow management with double approval.
Data Center
Tier III Data Center.
Configurable Password Policy
Number of incorrect logins, logging from selected IP addresses, VPN connections.
On-Site Edition
On-Site edition of iPresso on one's own devices in Data Center.
Test environment
Test environment for user training, testing of integrations and mechanisms.
For Developers
API Documentation
Documentation with examples of code in the form of a useful manual available on our website.
iPresso Apps
iPresso apps and plug-ins increasing system's capabilities with features adjusted to specific industries and particular users' needs.
Own plug-ins
Creation of one's own plug-ins based on API.
Custom integrations
Individual integrations with other systems and apps.
Native integrations
Ready-to-use integrations with popular systems and apps. They just need to be approved in iPresso.
On-line standard support
Online support - our consultants are accessible via email and livechat. We provide support during the onboarding process and in the basic use of the system, navigation between modules.
Help Center
Online help center at contains tutorials, videos, manuals, FAQs, presentations, ebooks. We also host periodic webinars.
Video Tutorials
Video tutorials accessible online at HelpCenter and via our YouTube channel. For iPresso Enterprise's clients we create videos tailored to a given company and its employees.
We conduct periodical webinars, which may be customized to the specific needs of our clients and based on individual agreements under iPresso Enterprise.
Support Premium
Premium support from iPresso Team organized individually to provide a higher level of support involving quicker reaction, customized scope of support, dedicated consultants.
iPresso Services
Services for clients of iPresso Enterprise concerning preparation of website layouts, individual email templates, integrations, customized reports, etc.
Dev Support
Programming support in e.g. individual, advanced integrations, adjustment of other apps to iPresso, creation of individual modules, add-ons and apps.
Individual iPresso Academy Workshops webinars
Workshops and online trainings conducted individually by iPresso Academy for private groups, e.g. employees of a given company.
iPresso Academy Workshops on-site
Trainings and workshops conducted at the client's premises. Content of the workshops often includes analysis of case studies relevant to client's business needs.
Eye tracking research on templates, emails and other visual elements used in actions carried out in iPresso. The aim of eye-tracking research is to achieve maximum effeciency and users' comfort. Research is performed on selected groups of respondents in iPresso Team's laboratory. Eyetracking research is available for clients of iPresso Enterprise.