Financial Services

Advanced solution for financial sector

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

Marketing automation in the financial industry

Solution addressed to financial institutions and businesses - a sophisticated Marketing Automation system with support and individual integrations. Made for marketers working for banks, insurance companies, lending institutions and investment firms. It is a tool of modern and effective financial marketing.

A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to an increase in business profits of between 25 and 95%. 70% of purchase decisions depend on how the customers are treated.

- Ernst & Young 2012 Global Consumer Banking Survey

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

Customer Journey management

An integrated database with broad opportunities to perform operations on segments and provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

A database that is well-organized, constantly developed and updated in the real-time provides a goldmine of knowledge and insight for marketers. It enables them to learn more about their customers’ behaviors and needs. Such knowledge gives them competitive advantage and is a starting point for ever better and more effective communications..

Importantly, iPresso Financial Services allows marketers to work on personas and segments, design customer journeys and manage their lifecycles, determin communication frequency and manage multiple product segments from one place.

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

MarTech for FinTech

Cutting-edge set of constantly updated marketing technologies that are always ready to use. From data management to creation of campaigns and automated scenarios to the execution and reporting.

iPresso Financial Services was created in cooperation with marketers and its development and services are constantly being adapted to requirements of marketing departments of financial institutions.

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

Substantial support of sale processes in the real-time

More leads of better quality. Products more adjusted to the needs of customers, thanks to the detection of their preferences and reactions with the use of appropriate scenarios of customer service and offers. iPresso also offers a communication toolkit to process data and select proper messages in the real time.

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

Alignment of online and offline

Create unique customer experiences in all the touchpoints of your product and brand.

iPresso provides opportunities to integrate points of sale thanks to, for example: increasing knowledge about customers’ needs, integration with hotspots for clients, IoT technology, generation of vouchers and monetization programs.

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

Multichannel communication

Sales and customer services must be carried out in most convenient circumstances. Customers expect not only comfort, but also effectiveness. It’s time that counts here. A company that will be able to quickly explain the product, immediately provide access to a relevant offer, and take the customer through the whole purchase process, is the winner.

Multiple channels in one place

In iPresso it is possible to create, execute and report the results of a campaigns carried out in such channels as: e-mail, SMS, www, push, mobile, BTL and other integrated touchpoints.

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

Coordination of works of teams and agencies

iPresso adjusts levels of authorization and features to the ways of work of marketing teams - it is the tool of their everyday work. Hence, one may grant access to selected features, e.g. based on the employees’ roles in the company or the target group of the communication.

This also allows to engage external partners, who may work on campaign's designs and projects directly in iPresso.

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

Personalized Real-Time Marketing

iPresso ceaselessly collects data and triggers relevant communications through specific channels in real or near real-time. It can for example modify content of a website based on previous experiences of a customer, send SMSes or push notifications, deliver reminders, suggestions and pieces of advice.

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

Build customer loyalty. Sell wisely and sell more.

In iPresso you have at your disposal a set of tools for cross-selling, up-selling, repetitive purchases, returns and customer education.

iPresso Enterprise Financial Services

Build and launch: quickly, easily, effectively - with iPresso Studio

iPresso is a tool employed by marketers. That's why it always adjusts itself to the requirements of its users and the end recipients of communications - the customers. iPresso Studio is a built-in wizard for designing new campaigns and marketing scenarios, without any technical knowledge required. This tool allows marketers to independently design even the most complex communication paths.