Partner Program

Become our partner: increase the range of services, strengthen your competences and provide your customers with the latest quality. Let's do a win-win-win business together :-) We run several partner programs depending on the partner's business profile and the market it supports.

iPresso Small Business

Earn 30% with our Affiliate Program - just register as a partner and start earning with us! As our registered partner you will receive 30% commissions for each paid iPresso Express subscription purchesed by a customer you acquired

Immediately after the registration, partners get access to the panel where they may download all the necessary sales materials, view current subscription statistics and earned commissions.

Registration takes approx. 3 minutes. and you can be done here.

iPresso Enterprise

Technology Partner - apps and integrations

This programme is aimed at technology-related companies and marketing agencies with technological competencies. Partners are given support in integrating iPresso with their own and/or their customers’ solutions.

Technology Partner can build their own extensions of iPresso, which may be sold separately and included on the list of solutions offered by iPresso’s partners.

Agency Partner

This programme is aimed at marketing agencies and consulting firms interested in employing iPresso as part of the services performed for their clients.

Under this programme, Partner will receive commissions for each paid subscription purchased by a client (this includes leads delivered to iPresso’s team with whom a deal is subsequently signed, as well as the deals closed by the partners themselves).

Partner is given support in using iPresso Enterpriseand in managing and aquiring customers (including preparation of sales materials - presentations, case studies).

All partners are allowed to use iPresso name and logo in their marketing materials and sale offers. The are also given the status of authorized partners and included in the Partner section on the iPresso website.

Strategic Partner - deeper cooperation, co-branded iPresso Enterprise

Higher level of cooperation consisting in a more advanced integration of partners’ solutions with iPresso, including greater support in selling common services (including, among other things, presence of iPresso representatives during sales presentations performed by Strategic Partners), technological support in system’s integrations and management. Strategic Partner may sell co-branded iPresso (partner’s logo is displayed next to the logo of iPresso).