Outcome measurement

Modern marketing campaigns require metrics to measure the effects of communication programs. This is the constant real-time observation allowing marketers to react immediately and rapidly improve their performance.


In iPresso you can set key performance indicators (KPI) on your own. We don't impose any predefined metrics and don't claim they would be the best ones for you. Each company works out their own effectiveness metrics. iPresso continuously tracks your KPIs to show your performance, levels of goal achievement and current trends.

Reports on integrated data

iPresso integrates diverse data from various sources and generates coherent reports in one place.

Database review

What is the state of your database? How many categories are there? How many contacts have some specific characteristics? You will find answers to such questions in iPresso's pivot reports that you may define according to your needs in the form of configurable dashboards.

Campaign reports

Measure the conversion of, for example, your customers' activities. iPresso allows you to choose the kind of conversion you want to track, select the appropriate channels of communication and precisely measure the results day by day.

Integrate iPresso with Google Analytics

iPresso's integration with the most popular tool for analysis of online traffic works two-ways: iPresso collects data from Analytics in order to enable setting of appropriate KPIs requiring data from other sources. On the other hand, iPresso also delivers data to Google Analytics.

Detailed dashboards

In iPresso you can use a dedicated, unique dashboard in any form to collect data, measure and indicate statuses. We will help you select appropriate metrics and consult about possible courses of action.