iPresso Helps Pro Marketers

Beyond Automation

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We understand pro marketers

Technology is for people. And so is Marketing Automation - it is intended for marketers, entrepreneurs, designers. We believe and know from experience that you don’t need an over-featured tool. You expect iPresso to be flexible, friendly and connected.

Since we spend 30% of our adult lives at work, why wouldn't we want to make it more significant? That's enough to do something really important.

Support matters - not just the technology

It’s beyond automation. Everything counts: understanding of industry and business, high-quality support, analytics, integrations, and constant development.

iPresso Services & Premium Support included in iPresso Enterprise.

Made by marketers for marketers

iPresso Studio is a special wizard allowing marketers to creatively design their communications and scenarios. We know how much ingenuity and focus it takes to build successful personalized communications.

It’s our aim to provide you with a system that is at the same time complex in its inner workings and intuitive to use.

iPresso Marketing Automation includes:

  • Multichannel communication

  • Personalization

  • Real-Time Marketing

  • Chosen by leaders

  • Secure, fast, reliable

  • Integrated MarTech

Multichannel communication

iPresso triggers communications in all available channels. By default you can use e-mail, sms, web push, website content, banners, printing... And much more!


1:1 communication with each of hundreds of thousands users at the same time, with customized content and form. Advanced segmentation, microsegments, attributes, and detailed behaviours.

Real-Time Marekting

React in real time through personalised communication in all available channels.

Chosen by leaders

Secure, fast, reliable

Integrated MarTech

Manage your communications and data from one place.

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