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iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Marketing Automation in FMCG

Collection and integration of customer data plus multichannel, personalized communication and real-time reporting allow to create unique customer experience.


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iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Customer databases management

An integrated customer database with broad opportunities to perform operations on segments and 360-degree view of the customer.

A database that is well-organized, constantly developed and updated in the real time, provides a goldmine of knowledge and insight for marketers. It enables them to learn more about their customers’ behaviors and needs. Such knowledge gives them competitive advantage and is a starting point for ever better and more effective communications.

An integrated customer database with broad opportunities to perform operations on segments and 360-degree view of the customer.

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Alignment of online and offline

Create unique customer experience in all the touchpoints of your product and brand.

iPresso's special FMCG module allows marketers to relate all products to their customers. It provides generation of individual codes (e.g. alphanumeric) for every single product’s package/tag and creation of engaging promotions and communications.

iPresso FMCG allows to expand product experiences with digital tools and communications.

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Multichannel communication

In iPresso, we understand FMCG. We have the knowledge and experience in connecting direct communication channels and integration of communication with, for example, ATL.


In iPresso it is possible to create, execute and report the results of campaigns carried out in such channels as: e-mail, SMS, www, push, mobile, BTL and other integrated touchpoints.

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Coordination of works of teams and agencies

iPresso adjusts levels of authorization and features to the ways of work of marketing teams - it is the tool of their everyday work. Hence, one may grant access to selected features, e.g. based on the employees’ roles in the company or the target group of the communication.

This also allows to engage external partners, who may work on campaign's designs and projects directly in iPresso.

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Personalized Real-Time Marketing

iPresso ceaselessly collects data and triggers relevant communications through specific channels in real or near real-time. It can for example modify content of a website based on previous experiences of a customer, send SMSes or push notifications, deliver reminders, suggestions and pieces of advice.

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Build customer loyalty. Sell wisely and sell more.

In iPresso you have at your disposal a set of tools for cross-selling, up-selling, repetitive purchases, returns and customer education.

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Build and launch: quickly, easily, effectively - with iPresso Studio

iPresso is a tool employed by marketers. That's why it always adjusts itself to the requirements of its users and the end recipients of communications - the customers. iPresso Studio is a built-in wizard for designing new campaigns and marketing scenarios, without any technical knowledge required. This tool allows marketers to independently design even the most complex communication paths.