iPresso FMCG

#1 Marketing Automation for FMCG brands

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Marketing Automation in FMCG

Special edition of iPresso developed for the FMCG industry. Create unique customer experience by collecting and integrating contact data, leveraging multichannel personalized communication opportunities, along with reporting features operating in real time. It’s your brand’s value that can’t be faked.

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

For whom?

keyboard_arrow_right Fast-moving consumer goods brands and companies that produce dairy, snacks, cured meats, noodles, sauces

keyboard_arrow_right Brands and businesses producing non-alcoholic beverages and low-alcohol drinks (beer, cider)

keyboard_arrow_right Domestic detergents brands

keyboard_arrow_right Personal care brands (cosmetics, personal hygiene products)

keyboard_arrow_right Specific product brands: baby food, food for the ill

Who uses iPresso

keyboard_arrow_right Marketing managers, brand managers

keyboard_arrow_right Digital marketing specialists and managers

keyboard_arrow_right Analysts

keyboard_arrow_right Marketing directors

keyboard_arrow_right Advertising agencies representatives - brand partners

Some of the brands that use iPresso FMCG:

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Key benefits from using iPresso FMCG

keyboard_arrow_right Building consumer database

keyboard_arrow_right Broadening consumer database

keyboard_arrow_right Real value for brands and businesses - reaching consumers directly

keyboard_arrow_right Increased volumes of consumer data collected

keyboard_arrow_right Data security processes compliance and control

keyboard_arrow_right Consistent data collection

keyboard_arrow_right Ordered data and its integration per consumer and not just per brand

keyboard_arrow_right Integrated communications

keyboard_arrow_right Control over processes of campaign creation, even when carried out by many partners simultaneously

keyboard_arrow_right Quicker learning and more effective adaptation of marketing technology by an organization

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Selected capabilities of iPresso FMCG

Industry-specific support

keyboard_arrow_right Integration of data and systems

keyboard_arrow_right Marketing Automation workshops

keyboard_arrow_right Consulting services for marketing and IT teams

keyboard_arrow_right Ongoing support with SLA

keyboard_arrow_right UX support

keyboard_arrow_right Eyetracking

Integration of online and offline

Sophisticated loyalty programs

keyboard_arrow_right eCouponing

keyboard_arrow_right Monetization programs

keyboard_arrow_right Code generation and control system

keyboard_arrow_right Lead scoring

keyboard_arrow_right Integration with websites

keyboard_arrow_right Cross-brand actions

keyboard_arrow_right Integration with trade-marketing

keyboard_arrow_right Implementation in digital services, chains, PSD, HoReCa

keyboard_arrow_right Motivational elements for PH

Integration of products and packagings

keyboard_arrow_rightIntegration of printings with assembly lines of packagings

keyboard_arrow_right Management of hundreds of millions of unique printings annually

keyboard_arrow_right Making available data to be printed

keyboard_arrow_right Process of control of generation, transfer and usage of printings (e.g. unique codes)

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Build customer loyalty. Sell wisely and sell more.

In iPresso you have at your disposal a set of tools for cross-selling, up-selling, repetitive purchases, returns and customer education.

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Communication with anonymous users

keyboard_arrow_right Website contents customization

keyboard_arrow_right Special formats and designs for particular segments and users

keyboard_arrow_right Personalized web push contents

keyboard_arrow_right Real-time analysis of behavior sequences

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Real-time reactions to users’ needs

keyboard_arrow_right Pop-ups, notifications, bars, banners, and much more

keyboard_arrow_right Content personalization in reaction to identified behaviours of particular users

keyboard_arrow_right Triggering scenarios tailored to specific user with the use of multiple communication channels

keyboard_arrow_right Reacting to external data, e.g. weather forecasts

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Efficiency and scalability

keyboard_arrow_right Management of large traffic on websites and mobile devices

keyboard_arrow_right Reacting to millions of unique activities performed by unique users every day with the use of real or close to real-time personalization

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Build and launch: quickly, easily, effectively - with iPresso Studio

iPresso is a tool employed by marketers. That's why it always adjusts itself to the requirements of its users and the end recipients of communications - the customers. iPresso Studio is a built-in wizard for designing new campaigns and marketing scenarios, without any technical knowledge required. This tool allows marketers to independently design even the most complex communication paths.

iPresso Studio with tailored creations - our team will prepare a set of communication templates in many forms to be used in marketing automation scenario design.

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Compliance with GDPR

Ready-to-use processes and tools for managing personal data in line with the requirements of GDPR

iPresso Enterprise FMCG


keyboard_arrow_right ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 standards implemented

keyboard_arrow_right Data stored in secure data centers

keyboard_arrow_right Encrypted connections

keyboard_arrow_right Separate installation of the system on client's own subdomain

keyboard_arrow_right High-level corporate security norms related to system accessibility

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

International communication

keyboard_arrow_right Capability to create Marketing Automation scenarios in various language versions

keyboard_arrow_right Time zone management

keyboard_arrow_right iPresso Global Enterprise edition for managing Marketing Automation processes on markets around the world

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Coordination of works of teams and agencies

iPresso adjusts levels of authorization and features to the ways of work of marketing teams - it is the tool of their everyday work. Hence, one may grant access to selected features, e.g. based on the employees’ roles in the company or the target group of the communication.

This also allows to engage external partners, who may work on campaign's designs and projects directly in iPresso.

iPresso FMCG, among other things

keyboard_arrow_right Provides a company with the capability to have campaigns designed in one place by marketing teams and advertising agencies

keyboard_arrow_right Enables to control campaign results by ongoing measurements, such as KPIs

keyboard_arrow_right Advance authorization management to give you greater control over the campaign creation and launch process

iPresso Enterprise FMCG

Integration with 3rd party data and platforms

keyboard_arrow_right Integration with DMP and DSP platforms and displaying personalized ads to database contacts

keyboard_arrow_right Integration with Facebook Audience, Leads and Messenger

keyboard_arrow_right Integration with analytic tools and BI