Predict consumer behavior and increase your sales!

iPresso Enterprise e-Commerce

Marketing automation for e-commerce

Communication with an online store customer is not just through an email. In the current era of omnichannel, the communication must be carried out via multiple channels and adjusted to customers as much as it is possible.

With iPresso e-Commerce, you will design unique scenarios that will let you build and retain relationships with your customers, increase their engagement, loyalty, and, of course, your sales results.

iPresso e-Commerce is always up to date, so that you have access to the latest marketing and sales technologies.

iPresso Enterprise e-Commerce

Integration with shopping platforms

Check if your shopping platform is already integrated with iPresso:

If it isn't, just let us know. Maybe we are integrating it right now :)..

We also perform individual integrations and expand the current ones to meet specific needs and requirements. We also offer individual support for the iPresso Enterprise clients.

iPresso Enterprise e-Commerce

Multichannel communication

iPresso allows you to immediately carry out personalized communication via:

  • e-mail
  • sms
  • on-site display
  • web push
  • mobile push
  • Facebook

iPresso Enterprise e-Commerce

Not only abandoned carts

Cart is not the only thing that is sometimes abandoned by customers. Many things are going on even before they add a product to their cart. They visit a store with an intention to make a purchase, but earlier they want to make sure they will make a good decision, so they are searching, reading, filling in forms, signing up, etc. With iPresso you can identify the abandoned processes and automatically react to them with personalized scenarios.


Many channels can be employed to win back customers and remind them of their buying intentions, so that you can re-engage them in the most convenient and successful way.

iPresso Enterprise e-Commerce

Generation of product feeds

iPresso gathers data from many different sources. In order to create a successful sale message, product information is used, which can be automatically pulled from appropriate feeds.

But the products are not all. iPresso can also display other content, e.g. news from RSS channels. Thanks to this, the newsletter will not only be personalized, but it can also be created automatically.

iPresso Enterprise e-Commerce

Personalized on-site messages

Design and launch personalized messages on your websites, without the IT department's involvement.

  • Push notifications
  • Overlays
  • Messages with forms
  • Set cappings
  • Precise targeting
  • Boxes, banners, slides
  • Your own, customized formats

iPresso Enterprise e-Commerce

Build customer loyalty. Sell wisely and sell more.

In iPresso you have at your disposal a set of tools for cross-selling, up-selling, repetitive purchases, returns and customer education.

iPresso Enterprise e-Commerce

Build and launch: quickly, easily, effectively - with iPresso Studio

iPresso is a tool employed by marketers. That's why it always adjusts itself to the requirements of its users and the end recipients of communications - the customers. iPresso Studio is a built-in wizard for designing new campaigns and marketing scenarios, without any technical knowledge required. This tool allows marketers to independently design even the most complex communication paths.