Real-Time Marketing

Marketing Automation has to respond immediately to users’ needs and preferences, and all other factors influencing communication. iPresso gives you such opportunities by making available tools and methods of data processing, and enabling real-time or near real-time reactions.


keyboard_arrow_right Swift analysis of attributes and activities of users of websites and mobile apps - processing each individual contact

keyboard_arrow_right Ongoing qualification for segments of large groups of contacts (without the need to wait for cyclical processing, which is known from classic CRM systems)

keyboard_arrow_right Triggering actions in response to specific contact activities and complex sequences of activities

keyboard_arrow_right Gathering data that would enable on-the-fly content preparation, its processing and displaying to a particular user

keyboard_arrow_right Triggering actions in external systems (e.g. call centers)

Selected advantages

keyboard_arrow_right Increased conversion in website and mobile communication

keyboard_arrow_right Implementation of the Always-On marketing strategy - brand or company is always available and reacts 24/7 to their customers’ needs and activities

keyboard_arrow_right Growth of cross-selling thanks to rapid analysis of user behavior

keyboard_arrow_right Detection of sequences of activities and immediate reaction to potential customer’s/user’s need

keyboard_arrow_right Display of customized contents

keyboard_arrow_right Increased level of website visitors engagement and of time spent of website, along with the decrease of time needed to complete a transaction

Case study

Today's e-customers are more demanding than ever and know where to look for products and services they need. RTM allows you to customize your communications for a specific target audience on the basis of their behavioral profile, preferences, and online activities. The goal of RTM is to immediately personalize communication in order to deliver content that is as valuable as possible for a given user.

A.O.S.H. is a company that sells organic food products online. Despite undertaking marketing efforts and offering seemingly favorable prices, the number of abandoned carts was increasing monthly while online traffic and sale results were decreasing.

Implementation of automation mechanisms based on RTM proved to be a milestone when it came to recovering abandoned carts. First of all, iPresso enabled the company to segment their target group, which consisted of anonymous users who added specific items to their carts, but didn't complete their purchases before leaving the website. That's how a segment of users was created to which communications were going to be directed. Secondly, the platform allowed the company to select the most relevant communication channel - in this case it was popup whose content depended on the value and type of items in the cart.

This type of scenario allowed the company to reach a specific group of anonymous users who, when trying to leave the website, were displayed a message encouraging them to continue shopping or move to the check-out.

A potential customer of A.O.S.H., tempted by a 10% discount, starts to add items to their cart. After selecting 10 different products, he doesn't know where to enter the discount code, and the total sum that he would have to pay seems to be much greater than he had initially assumed. Therefore, he decides to leave the website and moves the cursor towards the close tab button. At that very moment, a popup appears on his screen, with a picture of a happy-looking farmer picking vegetables in his backyard gardens, with a caption that reads: "Don't forget your 10% discount! Redeem the code on the last step of the check-out. Complete the purchase of products worth at least €100 within 15 minutes to get another 10% discount for your next visit!".

Not only does the customer complete the purchase, but he is also going to return to the store to use his new discount code. Moreover, the customer recommends the company to his friends. And all of this is managed automatically by iPresso. In other words, not only is it possible to precisely segment target audiences, but also to immediately react to their behavior, even when you are dealing with an anonymous customer. This allows the company to recover abandoned carts, increase profits, and build lasting relationships with customers.