Marketing Automation Scenarios

Designing customer paths and even very complex scenarios of automated communication has never been that simple! iPresso's Drag&Drop editor was built with marketers and for marketers.


Easily design customer paths and campaign scenarios with the intuitive Drag&Drop editor. It is easy to use and has broad applications.

iPresso Studio wizard

Will lead you step-by-step through the whole process of building a scenario. Then you just launch it and it works!

Fields and notes

Are your scenarios getting larger, more sophisticated and creative? Is a whole team building them? iPresso allows you to divide them into various fields and post notes anywhere you need them. So that even if you look at the scenario after a year, you will immediately know what is being automated by iPresso.


Real-time reports on contact flows in a scenario. You can view it directly in the design of a scenario or see it in the form of charts and funnels. They're transparent and available without having to wait for a campaign to end.


A collection of ready-to-use actions. But that's not all - you can define your own actions, integrate external tools and use API.


Dividing communication based on various conditions. Each of them is very broad and has many possible configurations.

Save as an image

Do you need to show your scenario in a presentation to a bigger audience? All you have to do is to save it as an image :-)