Focus on strategy and ideas, iPresso will take care of the rest!

It’s more than just a slogan – it’s the mantra we work by to develop our system. The purpose of iPresso is to help marketers in their everyday work: to integrate data and tools, design and execute personalized, multi-channel campaigns, measure the results and constantly improve them.

Whew… To make it all possible, we continuously enhance iPresso so that it’s always accessible and intuitive to use. iPresso is used by marketers working for companies and brands from all over the world.

Find out what they have at their disposal..

Design, launch and automate your personalized scenarios

Creating sophisticated and professional customer journeys and paths of communication is not just for IT experts. iPresso Studio allows you to design and execute marketing scenarios by dragging and dropping elements that signify marketing actions and rules.

All you have to do is define the way your want your scenario to work and launch it with a click. What is more, you can save your scenario as an image file and use it in your presentation to show how elaborate your actions are :)

Scenarios make use of the system’s built-in communication channels (emails, text messages, notifications) and other solutions that are either already integrated with iPresso or available for integration via iPresso’s API..

Integrate your database and customer information

iPresso allows you to collect in one place all information about your current and potential customers. In this way, you will be able to provide them with best service and experience of your company and brand.

You can intuitively browse through the data in iPresso’s contact manager, where you are able to quickly find and see customers’ paths and all the information connected with them.

iPresso ascribes every piece of information to the appropriate contact by building a constantly updated timeline. Moreover, iPresso has a unique ability to define relationships among contacts and create various types of contacts. Hence, a contact is not always a person, it may as well be a company, a car or even your customer’s dog :)

Just think about the capabilities of this solution in capturing customer context and designing your communications.

Integrate your tools and data

As soon as you activate your account and install the tracking code, iPresso will start to collect data on your customers' behaviors such as their visits on your websites, newsletter subscriptions, promotional codes they entered and emails they opened.

You can independently define and configure most appropriate activities to be tracked by the system, for example, purchases made at your store, activities on mobile apps or visits to your shop. The system may profile your contacts by any desired attributes such as city, company or phone numer.

iPresso doesn't limit you in any way - the range of collected information and its format is up to your needs.

Segment your contacts and diversify your outreach

A large database means having a large body of information. In order to make the personalized communication easier and smarter, iPresso provides a sophisticated tool for creating and managing segments of contacts.

It allows marketers to manage the life cycles of particular segments, perform mass actions, refresh segments and modify their characteristics. All of this is available in iPresso’s convenient segmentation wizard.

Execute multi-channel campaigns

You can start communicating right away by email, text messages and messages on websites. After carrying out proper integrations, you can also use mobile app notifications, as well as messages from other services and applications. Thanks to the API, iPresso is open to all channels of communication that can be integrated with the system.

Act in real time
Is a potential customer browsing your website in a way that fits your buyer's journey? You need to react here and now! Thanks to the iPresso's Real-Time Marketing solutions, you will be able to predefine specific patterns of behaviors and characteristics that will trigger the appropriate message. iPresso Enterprise provides you with many opportunities to use real-time messages in various forms of communication.

Create effective emails, pop-ups, landing pages and forms

You have at your disposal iPresso Studio, a tool with an interface that allows you to design your messages. Whenever you need to create an e-mail, landing page or pop-up, iPresso adjusts its features to your needs: the menu changes and the full-screen mode is enabled. Now you can focus on your design. It's the perfect tool for creators. You may also give access to your work to a graphic designer or an agency and you will still have it all in one place - always ready to use in your marketing campaigns and scenarios.

Moder company needs modern metrics. Define your KPIS and track them in real time

iPresso doesn't impose any metrics. You can define your own indicators to track the effects of your communications, results of campaigns or levels of engagement of your contacts. Integration of various data from many sources in one place allows you to define custom KPIs, set desired targets and track them to see if your goals are being met during selected periods of time (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

Bespoke reports tailored to your requirements

Create custom dashboards with cross-sectional reports. In iPresso, you are able to generate numerous multi-dimensional reports, save them and grant access to them to other users.

Employ a collection of tools. Take your marketing to a higher level

iPresso's extensions allow marketers to expand the arsenal of available tools and give them ability to build unique and successful marketing actions. You can build a whole loyalty program applying monetization principles.

Adapt iPresso to your industry and business

We have competencies and features that are useful in customizing iPresso to the needs of a specific industry. iPresso Enterprise may be tailored for the following industries: financial services, FMCG, telecommunications, automotive, aviation, media and entertainment, B2B.

Play fair. Remember about security and privacy

iPresso is certified for information security management according to ISO 27001, as well as for quality management according to ISO 9001. The system meets the highest security standards and uses encrypted connection. iPresso's client is the sole owner of the data they collect. Every client of iPresso has their own database with safe, encrypted access, which is not shared with anyone else.

iPresso allows marketers to set limits on outgoing communications, so that you avoid annoying their customers with too many messages. Instead, you can focus on the quality of communication and build positive relationships with your customers.

Premium support for our clients includes conducting database audits and advice on keeping your databases clean and of high quality.

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