Tests, research, and continuous optimization

Running tests on multiple versions of communication scenarios at the same time, detailed comparison of different messages (e.g. emails, on-site messages), selection of test and control groups for multichannel campaigns - those are some of the main optimization features available in iPresso.

Tests of communications in different marketing channels

iPresso Studio wizard allows marketers to run multilevel A/B/X tests - including email tests (learn more here and here), and tests of actions triggered on websites (learn more here and here).

Customer Journey tests

You can divide each of the scenarios into many different paths for randomly selected groups of contacts who will participate in different paths of a scenario. You can precisely specify the sizes of particular groups entering the scenario. During the operation of the scenario the contacts will go through those specific paths, which will allow you to compare the efficiency of various journeys. This knowledge will let you find and employ the most successful paths to reach your contacts and achieve your goals.

Control groups

The ability to divide scenarios into paths for random groups of contacts also gives you the opportunity to use control groups. You just have to specify the size of the group (which can be expressed a percentage and/or as an absolute value), and iPresso will automatically and randomly select contacts that will be excluded from a given part of the scenario. This control group will serve as a benchmark allowing you to measure the results achieved in relation to the contacts who did participate in that specific path.

Comparative analysis of conversion rates across various channels

Apart from your communications and marketing automation scenarios, you can also test your reporting and efficiency assessment. Thanks to an extraordinary tool for campaign results measurement (which may be set up in any way you want!) it is possible to compare specific conversion rates (which you can define by yourself in iPresso!) in selected channels in which the campaign was carried out. Moreover, you can compare the results of both direct and indirect conversions.

Data Science & Machine Learning

What about something more? For advanced users who have already collected data on various phenomena, we can develop models based on sophisticated statistical analysis. They may be added into iPresso as dedicated calculation modules and reports.