Building customer loyalty, growing contact database, and sale campaigns - those are just some of the possible ways in which you can employ the iPresso Enterprise’s built-in eCouponing solution. From simple mechanisms of sending codes via email, to advanced monetization programs with integrated assembly lines - iPresso provides you with huge capabilities of creating sales and loyalty programs with the use of couponing tools, both electronic and printed.


Basic edition

keyboard_arrow_right Employing unique coupons in the form of lists of codes

keyboard_arrow_right Using coupons in following channels: email, sms, www, mobile

keyboard_arrow_right Control of coupon use levels

keyboard_arrow_right Reporting activities related to coupons

keyboard_arrow_right Personalization of communications related to coupon distribution

keyboard_arrow_right Scoring mechanisms

keyboard_arrow_right Ability to use coupons in iPresso’s inbuilt loyalty programs

Advanced edition

keyboard_arrow_right Generation of various types of unique codes (alphanumeric, QR, barcodes)

keyboard_arrow_right Generation of codes in great quantities (even over 500 mln)

keyboard_arrow_right Code distribution in different channels: email, sms, www, mobile, prints, packaging, mass mailing, and others

keyboard_arrow_right System of control of the coupons/codes transfer for production and distribution

keyboard_arrow_right Management of coupons’/codes’ generation and logistics workflows

keyboard_arrow_right Code analytics, dedicated reporting

keyboard_arrow_right Scoring mechanisms

keyboard_arrow_right Data Science analytics and Machine Learning modelling

Selected advantages

keyboard_arrow_right Growth of contact database

keyboard_arrow_right Increased contact activity

keyboard_arrow_right Increased client/consumer engagement

keyboard_arrow_right Customer loyalization

keyboard_arrow_right Universal tools that may be used in various promotional campaigns

keyboard_arrow_right Lower costs of loyalty and monetization programs

keyboard_arrow_right Improved results of upselling and cross-selling

keyboard_arrow_right More complete data on clients/consumers

Case study

The Masters&Puppets private university set itself a goal of increasing by 20% the number of first degree students applying to continue their studies on master’s degree. Because of the high costs of attracting new candidates, the university decided to provide funding for marketing actions that involved conducting communications with current students in an attempt to encourage them to continue their education at Masters&Puppets.

Marketing actions performed by the university included publishing posts on social media platforms, releasing a series of commercials and organising events with influencers. The aim of those actions was to encourage the students to remain at the university. They received a favorable offer that included exemption from the enrolment fee.

Yet, despite a properly executed social media campaign, it turned out that it was also necessary to perform actions that would engage the current students visiting the university website. This was the key aspect, as tracking their online activity would allow the university to deliver valuable and tailored communications.

That's why the marketing team at the university decided to use iPresso. The system was employed to design a scenario that would activate anonymous website visitors belonging to the segment of Masters&Puppets' current students.

Such a group of students was offered a special discount code, which is a part of the system's eCouponing feature.

How does it work in practice? A user visits the university website, and enters the "for students" section, then moving to "master studies". Navigation through this progression of pages, along with other data about their activity, suggests the the visitor is a current student of the university. That's why after a few seconds he will see a popup encouraging him to share his opinion about his experience as a student. In return for providing such an opinion, he will receive a dedicated discount for the first semester of the master studies. The student provides his opinion, and after a few seconds he receives an email informing him about the the discount details.

What does the university gain? First of all, it gathers some information about students' views concerning the university, which means it can learn about their positive and negative feelings in regard to class organization and curriculum. This is key information when it comes to maintaining high standards and making necessary improvements. Secondly, it is very important to build strong relationships with students, which is done by ensuring them that their opinions matter. Taking their views and suggestions seriously will automatically turn them into prosumers, which is crucial for maintaining long-term relationships.

What do the students gain? By providing their views and insights on curriculum and learning standards, they become an active part of the academic environment. They feel more appreciated and motivated. This is the first step in becoming brand ambassadors, while the discount is a significant financial benefit for them.