Analysis of activity and action

Collection of statistics that describe the contacts’ actions in a selected time period and actions carried out towards them in iPresso. This tool allows to perform a detailed analysis of the characteristic behavior of a particular group of contacts. Gives the opportunity to look at all or some of the activities and the combination of the different groups of contacts for the same activities.


Detailed analysis of the stored database for the presence of groups of contacts and relationships between them. Determining the percentage of any group of contacts in relation to the whole database.

Tables and pivot charts

Accurate tools for defining relations between different groups of contacts gathered in the database, taking into account their behaviors and history of their activities. The results may be obtained in real time and include unlimited amount of data about the contacts.

Contacts analytics and monitoring

Data charts of all information about actions performed by a given group of contacts or in relation to them – form the very beginning of an action and through all the paths possible to monitor in the system, taking into account number of the contacts going through each of them.

Dashboard KPI

Defining, measuring and monitoring goals of a marketing campaign. Following the indicators in real time through coherent and clear charts. Ability to compare levels of goal realization over a period of time. Displayed realization levels of campaign's goals enable marketer to learn quickly about the newest trends and to react to them.

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