Publication in editorial systems

Direct publication of press releases in the editorial systems of electronic publishers and news agencies takes seconds. iPresso is integrated with publishers in order to simplify the messages and deliver them as fast as possible.

Local and global distribution of press releases

Distribution of press releases uses national channels (including PAP) and foreign channels. For messages in English iPresso you can reach the more than 5,500 news around the world in a matter of minutes.

Management of materials for the media

iPresso contains a repository of files (documents, photos, presentations, videos, and others) as well as tools to manage a datebase for materials for the media, including for example quick and easy publishing in the online press office.

Instant reports from the message distribution

iPresso generates reports on the progress and results of the distribution of press releases. It graphically presents how the information is spread, showing the range of particular distribution channels. This allows you to see the effects of the distribution literally with a glance.

Professional online press office

iPresso allows you to manage a professional online press office, which can be activated in just two clicks and graphically integrated with home Internet service. Press office online system has been developed in cooperation with journalists and is periodically tested for ergonomics and usability for the media.

Monitoring the journalists’ actions

A comprehensive, sophisticated, automated Contact Manager provides unprecedented opportunities to automatically study the behavior of recipients towards the activities, and monitor their interest. Marketing Automation tools also allow you to capture key moments of interest with notifications by e-mail / sms.

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