Management of Contact Base

This job is not just for database analysts anymore. Now everyone will be able to manage even those databases that include millions of contacts.

Contact Manager

Intuitive Contact Manager with quick access to detailed data. It allows you to go through your database moving from general to detailed information and gives you power to take action in relation to each contact.

Any types of contacts

It will never again be just a mailing list or a list of companies and contacts. Here you can define any type of contact you want, be it an organization, device or even a car. In this way you will be able to tailor the structure of your database to the very needs of your business.


These are pieces of information that describe your contacts. And descriptions, as we know, differ - the most useful are the most precise. In iPresso you can create custom fields of diverse data types and sizes.


These are activities and actions performed by the tracked contacts. iPresso disposes of a wide range of activities and starts collecting information about them right after the system is activated. It is, however, the ability to define one's own activities, that gives iPresso's users opportunity to build their own solutions and knowledge.


All the data collected by iPresso is attributed to a specific contact, thus building knowledge that allows to see customers in a wider context. Such information is shown in the form of a timeline on which system's actions and contact's behavior and activities are presented.

Integration of data

All the data integrated from external systems and apps supplement the context of contacts. You can immediately use the default integrations of the system or integrate your own solutions through our extensive API.

Relationships among contacts

This is a unique feature of iPresso. Only here are you able to define relationships among contacts, for example, pupil - teacher - school, car owner - car, etc. Just imagine the capabilities of this solution in designing your personalized communications.