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iPresso Marketing Automation personalizes communication in terms of time, content, channel and form. It integrates various tools and data in order to easily design and execute meaningful 1:1 customer journeys in one place.

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Technology is for people. And so is Marketing Automation - it is intended for marketers, entrepreneurs, designers. We believe and know from experience that you do not need an over-featured tool. You expect iPresso to be flexible, friendly and connected.
Since we spend 30% of our adult lives at work, why wouldn't we want to make it more significant? That's enough to do something really important.


There is just one iPresso technology. But marketers' needs are broad and diverse. That's why we provide iPresso Express platform to companies with up to 30k contacts in their databases. To businesses with larger contact databases, we offer sophisticated and individual Enterprise plans. iPresso is the solution for companies of all sizes and industries.

You don't have to be a big corporation to run innovative marketing campaigns.

"Here, the quality of communication with clients has a direct impact on the number of reservations. iPresso Express is my best idea" - Magda, Cracow Days

This solution is tailored for small and medium businesses. It doesn't require long-term commitments or signing any contracts, you can pay for it monthly and use it exactly when you need it.

You don't have to be a small business to be agile and innovative .

We know that scale matters, individual approach makes sense, SLAs and workflows may vary. We offer individual pricing plans based on various marketing scenarios and diverse additional features.

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There are those who say iPresso is some sort of "space technology" - even though it wasn't designed for astronauts :) Marketing platforms are not only for big e-commerce companies.

You can check, for example, how a local florist manages her customers and grows her business with iPresso.

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