Contacts Manager

Extended Manager with many features allowing you to quickly manage your contact database. Exporting, importing, individual analysis and sorting contacts by any criteria.

History of contact

Complete monitoring of the contacts’ activities within the monitored sites. A detailed activity history of every contact (visiting monitored site, file download, opening the landing page, filling out the questionnaire, etc.).

Contacts segmentation

The use of categories and tags allows a precise allocation of individual contacts to the appropriate groups. The system allows to create any number of tags and categories, allowing you to perform specific actions on a selected group of contacts. With such functionality even the greatest database of contacts becomes easy to use.

Valuing contacts

Precision tool to score your contacts, so that we determine which ones are the most valuable. The system assigns contacts the appropriate number of points based on their characteristics (demographic scoring) or actions (behavioral scoring). Valuing contacts can also be used as a basis for loyalty programs.

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  • bluetooth

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