Case studies

iPresso helps to optimize relationships with current customers and to effectively attract the new ones. It comprehensively supports relations with consumers and leads to higher profits.

iPresso Enterprise Marketing Automation is the technology chosen by reputable companies. It is also a technology that adjusts itself to specific nature of any industry, different needs of users (marketing, sales, IT) and end customers.

Below you can see a case of Marketing Automation operation in a financial institution.

1. Company's objectives

  • improvement of communication with customers,
  • successful acquisition of new customers,
  • increasing customer engagement,
  • strengthening customers' relationships with the brand,
  • increase in customer loyalty,
  • increase in the profit from cross-selling transactions,
  • increase in the number of visits,
  • optimization of website service.

2. Undertaken actions

  • Designing a website adapted to the operation of Marketing Automation system with the use of eyetracking laboratory.
  • Creating touchpoints on the website, able to generate new contacts in the database with the use of forms.
  • Creation of an effective tools of product opinion survey.
  • Automation of customer service with regard to customers interested in bank services, with the use of landing pages and questionnaire forms.
  • Website optimization allowing for display of personalized content on the basis of visitor's previous activities.
  • Optimization of e-mail communication with clients.
  • Optimization of website for mobile devices.

3. Results

The set goals were reached. Contact with potential and current investors became more intuitive and transparent. The website was optimized making the most important content easy to access. Customer service was personalized and automated which resulted in an increase in the involvement of existing customers and in acquisition of new ones.

Customer Journey

In order to show you how iPresso manages paths of communication with customers, let's see an example of a client interested in purchasing a TV set from a retail seller.

  1. The client is interested in buying a new TV set.
  2. She is looking for information on the Internet to learn about offers.
  3. One of the offers seems especially interesting to her. She fills out the form to receive more detailed information. That's how she makes her way into the iPresso contacts database.
  4. She receives an e-mail with information about products which may be of interest to her.
  5. The mere receipt of the email and clicking the link contained in it causes the client to become a monitored lead.
  6. The system monitors the activity of the client, e.g. her visits on the website, downloaded brochures, opened e-mails, clicked links.
  7. Based on the collected data, the system sends the client a special offer on electronics.
  8. The client decides to make a purchase.
  9. The relationship with the client does not end with closing of the transaction. Thanks to iPresso you can effectively conduct cross-selling campaigns, e.g. by sending information about upcoming special offers on home cinema systems.
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