Multichannel communication

Most effective communication channel (e-mail, sms, voice) with contents tailored to characteristics and actions of specific target group. Ability to define the time of dispatch and the target audience by category, sub-category, tags and many other criteria.

Dynamic, automatically adjusted content

The content of e-mails may be automatically selected, individually for each recipient. This is more than a mass stock correspondence. This is a truly personalized direct marketing based on the characteristics and actions.

Detailed reports of deliveries

Measuring conversion of deliveries (receiving, reading, clicks on links) and monitoring recipients’ actions to an e-mail. The ability to display the results of the campaign in the form of a funnels, charts, detailed reports, including the status of recipients.

Sending sms and voice messages

SMS and voice campaigns with determining the best moment of delivery and a group of recipients. The ability to define the SMS sender name and initiate sending basing on the previous activity of the recipient (eg. when previously received email was opened).

  • SSL-security
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • bluetooth

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