Creating marketing scenarios

Intuitive tool for creating automated customer communication paths. It has the ability to carry out predefined actions targeting specific groups of customers. The system can perform further actions on its own based on reactions to previous communications.

Landing Pages

Creation of landing pages which your potential customers will visit after receiving an e-mail or clicking a banner. They allow to collect contact information in a form, may contain information about a product and serve as a trademark for a marketing campaign.

Multi-channel service

Carrying out multi-channel campaigns using e-mail, sms, voice messages, forms, surveys and landing pages.


Automatically generated reports on performance of the Marketing Automation programs allow you to quickly check the results achieved by particular scenarios.


Ability to send all types of notifications (eg. information about pruchase) in the form of e-mails and text messages with tailored content. Notifications are sent automatically at specified time.

Automatic contacts evaluation and rating

Feature allowing to run individual scoring and loyalty programs. The ability to set a point value for each trait or behavior.

Surveys and Forms

Create surveys and forms to gather potential customers’ data and poll users on a specific topic. Visitor who fills out an iPresso's survey or form automatically becomes a monitored contact.

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